Here is How Painting Classes Work:


For 'One Stroke" classes you will need to contact us by using the  "Contact Us" button on the left.


How much does it cost for canvas class? 

Class fee is $30 per person for each class.  


We will supply:

Paint to complete the design

Palettes for mixing paints

Tape, patterns and transfer paper for each design and instructions

16x20 pre-gessoed canvas

Table top easels


Water basins


What you will supply:
Be ready to paint and have a good time.                       

Refreshments and snacks of your choice if you want.  This is optional and your choice. 

What's the Catch?
That is the best part.....there isn't one. All you do is pick what design you want to paint from the ones we have and let us know. 

I have never painted before and this looks difficult.  Will I be able to do it?

ABSOLUTELY!  We too had the same feeling with our very first painting, but it is so easy, SO fun, and VERY addictive.  "Tammy and Debra's Creations" provides all of the tools necessary to help you create an art piece that you will be proud to show off in your home and to your friends.

Do you book classes only at night?

No, We are able to accommodate most schedules with a little advance notice so if you want to paint while the kid's are at school, just let us know.

Can kids paint too?

Sure they can!  There are many designs that are kid appropriate.  As long as the children are old enough to understand basic painting techniques and follow direction, they are always welcome. We prefer for them to be 10 or above. 

If you still have questions feel free to contact us. 

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